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Subscriber Pricing

As long as you receive less than 10,000 notifications monthly, using Superfeedr is completely free.


At some point, we hope you'll get more notifcations from us. When that happens, we will bill you for your usage at the end of each month. Also, don't worry, our pricing is not linear, the more you use Superfeedr, the cheaper it becomes.

If you already know roughly how many notifications we'll send you, you can use our simulator to estimate the actual cost.

Why is it cheaper to use the Superfeedr?

No "up-front" setup cost

To build a feed parsing infrastructure, you have to spend days setting up scripts, storage, redundancy and monitoring. Hopefully, you'll end up needing to parse more feeds, and you will have to re-design your system, once again to scale it.

With Superfeedr, it really is a matter of minutes to start receiving feed updates in your system. And when you want to parse more feeds, you don't need to change anything on your side: let Superfeedr do all the work, and just wait for the data to come.

Cheaper usage cost

We based our pricing on the fact that it must be cheaper for you to use our infrastructure. We will make profits based on the assumption that we're not fetching a feed just for you, but for many users at the same time.

Do the math and tell us how much it costs you to parse your feeds, and we will match this for you.

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