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Superfeedr PubSubHubbub hubs make it easy to deliver your content to your readers faster, wherever they are. Whether you're a new blogger or a professional media company, we have a hub for you.

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Why Superfeedr for Publishers?

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You've got control

Use a subdomain and customise your logo, colors, and more. It's your PuSH hub, so we put you in the driver's seat.

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Ready for work

Our hub design isn't just pretty, it's also functional. We provide documentation to help potential subscribers get up and running as quickly as possible.

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All the stats you need

Analyse trends and see how your PubSubHubbub hub is performing, with our comprehensive analytics and stats. You can even drill down by timeframe, or export to JSON for your own processing.


Publishing with Superfeedr gives you a limitless ability to push new content to your subscribers. The possibilities are truly endless. Using RSS for SEO boosts your visibility, and your users will be completely satisfied, thanks to the real-time feeds.

Hosted Hub

  • Real-time feeds 100% PubSubHubbub compliant
  • Subscriber Export Get hold of your data whenever you want it
  • Analytics See your total subscriber count and total subscription count

Pro Hub

  • Custom CNAME Use your own sub-domain
  • Custom Landing Page Redirect your hub landing page to your site
  • Subscription control Approve or deny subscriptions, based on your own parameters

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Superfeedr helps you own your content distribution channel. You can simplify your infrastructure, improve SEO and content discovery, as well as be the first to inform your subscribers. These companies trust us to push them your content:

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