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Simplify your infrastructure and create a better subscriber experience with Superfeedr.

Our Real-time PuSH API

Give Superfeedr your feed URLs, and all new content will be pushed to you immediately. We use PubSubHubbub and XMPP PubSub to get everything to you instantly.

Normalized Formats

Superfeedr sends data strictly in Atom or JSON - regardless of the format of the original feed. We can all do without the headache of handling millions of formats!

Keep Your Costs Down

If you receive less than 10,000 notifications per month, using the Superfeedr feed API is totally free. If you receive more than that, we'll match or beat the cost of your existing system. You can check out our pricing page to get an estimate of what your monthly costs would be.

Save Your Resources

We use PubSubHubbub, RSSCloud, and changes.xml to get around this. Superfeedr also host a very big XML-RPC ping server, so we can collect new data as fast as possible. Superfeedr still polls the feeds, up to every minute for high-frequency feeds – but our RSS parser is specifically looking for updated content. All feeds are polled every 15 minutes at the least in order to deliver content to you immediately.

Cloud Infrastructure

We built Superfeedr on cloud infrastructure. This means that as demand for Superfeedr's service increases, our technology will scale accordingly – continuing to provide you with stellar service.

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