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Superfeedr pushes feed data in realtime.

Superfeedr's powerful unified Feed API simplifies how you handle RSS, Atom, or JSON feeds. Whether you publish or consume feeds, we streamline the notification process, saving you time and resources.

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Content discovery is a challenge for search engines. Supporting RSS and PubSubHubbub is good SEO practice and will help search engines like Google quickly identify new content from your site.


Distributing your content is key. RSS, combined with PubSubHubbub is the only open channel that you, and only you control. Applications like Flipboard, Feedly or BlogLovin will subscribe to your feeds.


Go pro and use custom CNAMES, landing pages, and much more. Your data, your hub.

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Simplify your infrastructure and create a better subscriber experience with Superfeedr.

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Stop wasting time and resources maintaining feed polling and parsing infrastructure: they're costly to scale and maintain over time.


Our APIs are simple and we rely on open protocols so that you can switch to and from us very easily. We believe you should choose us, not be forced to use Superfeedr.


Real-time is key to many applications: we created an infrastructure capable of detecting new updates in feeds faster than ever. Don't ever let your users be late!

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Identify and respond to mentions of any keyword or boolean expression in real-time.

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Searching lets you find what people said about you. Use our tracking feeds and find our what they will be saying and be the first to know.


The web is bigger than social networks. Don't ignore mentions from milions of websites, blogs, news sites... etc.


Build complex filters to only match languages, sites, links and combinations of keywords (included or excluded).

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