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Why Superfeedr for Trackers?

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Easy experimentation with our API consoles

Our API console make it easy to visually create and execute requests without leaving your browser. Perfect for quick tests and fast learning.

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Your home on Superfeedr

The account dashboard makes it easy to see your credit consumption, manage billing, and review past invoices.

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All your subscriptions in one place

The subscriptions table gives you a birds' eye view of everything you're subscribing to. See your callback endpoints, feed formats, and more. Plus, it's easy to filter and search, so you only see the feeds you want.

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Access management, simplified

Easily provision access to your account with Superfeedr API tokens. Create tokens for different parts of your app with granular control over permissions. Couldn't be easier.


Superfeedr's tracker pricing is simple: pay just $2.00 for each tracking feed you subscribe to.

Each tracking feed comes with 2,000 monthly notifications included. After that, our regular subscriber pricing table applies.

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