Powerful and affordable

Not only does Superfeedr save you time and development resources, it also saves you money. Instead of building expensive infrastructure, our pay-as-you-go pricing makes it affordable to harness the power of real-time feeds and PuSH hubs.

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Pricing for Publishers

Publishing with Superfeedr gives you a limitless ability to push new content to your subscribers. The possibilities are truly endless. Using RSS for SEO boosts your visibility, and your users will be completely satisfied, thanks to the real-time feeds.

Hosted Hub

  • Real-time feeds 100% PubSubHubbub compliant
  • Subscriber Export Get hold of your data whenever you want it
  • Analytics See your total subscriber count and total subscription count

Pro Hub

  • Custom CNAME Use your own sub-domain
  • Custom Landing Page Redirect your hub landing page to your site
  • Subscription control Approve or deny subscriptions, based on your own parameters

Pricing for Subscribers

Superfeedr’s pricing is simple: You only pay for what you use. And if you receive less than 10,000 notifications per month, your bill is on the house.

When you start getting more than 10,000 notifications per month, we’ll bill you at the end of the month according to the table on the right there. In fact, the more notifications you get from our feed API, the cheaper Superfeedr becomes.

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Pricing for Trackers

Superfeedr's tracker pricing is simple: pay just $2.00 for each tracking feed you subscribe to.

Each tracking feed comes with 2,000 monthly notifications included. After that, our regular subscriber pricing table applies.

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Tracking Feeds $2.00/ feed  
2,000 notifications included per tracking feed
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