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Superfeedr’s pricing is simple: You only pay for what you use. And if you receive less than 10,000 notifications per month, your bill is on the house.

When you start getting more than 10,000 notifications per month, we’ll bill you at the end of the month according to the table on the right there. In fact, the more notifications you get from our feed API, the cheaper Superfeedr becomes.

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How come Superfeedr is so cheap?

No Up-Front Cost

Building a feed-parsing infrastructure is a major drain on your resources. You spend days setting up scripts, storage, redundancy and monitoring. Eventually, you’ll need to parse more feeds. To rebuild the system to handle the demand, it’s going to be days of work again.

But with Superfeedr, it’s a matter of minutes for you to get set up to start receiving new updates. No more sweating for days to get it all right.

And when your growth reaches that tipping point, and you need to be parsing more feeds, you won’t need to change anything at your end. Superfeedr will do all the work – so you have time to focus on bigger things.

Cheaper usage cost

Using the Superfeedr infrastructure is going to be cheaper for you than your existing infrastructure. It’s a light infrastructure that takes all the hassle out of the RSS parser process for you. That means it’s cheaper for us to run, and we want to pass the benefits on to you.

So take a look at the numbers, and let us know: how much does your RSS polling currently cost you? How much time do you lose handling the RSS to JSON process? It’s our guarantee that we’ll match the price for you – and provide a much better service.